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With Kobo, you can read eBooks on your Android smartphone or tablet anywhere, anytime.

Enjoy ebooks on your Android

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  • Pleasant reading experience
  • In-app store
  • Free classic titles


  • Too many pauses when navigating the application

Very good

Enjoy ebooks on your Android

Kobo is an ebook platform that includes its own store and several applications, one for each different platform, so you can read ebooks on practically any device. 

Kobo is an ebook reader for the Android, which allows you to purchase and download books directly from the application.

If you've used any other reader for the Android, like Stanza, Kobo will be immediately recognizable. You have a bookshelf, with 'Discover', 'Browse' and 'Search' tabs for finding more content. You have to sign up for a Kobo account to download books. There are both free titles from the Gutenberg Project, and paid titles from Kobo's store.

Finshing books is easy, and downloading them is a breeze. There could be more organization options for your library, but it's not bad. Settings are good, with night reading, fonts, orientation lock and more.

Where Kobo falls down compared to the competition is being just a tiny bit slower than Stanza. Exiting books takes longer than it should due to a bookmarking animation, and there are too many pauses when navigating the application.

Kobo may be a touch slow, but it's still a good ereader, with solid in app purchasing and downloading functions.

With Kobo, you can read eBooks on your Android smartphone or tablet anywhere, anytime.

Download the Kobo app and browse from over 4 million free and best-selling eBooks, magazines, comics and children's books.

With Kobo’s reading app, you’re able to:

• Pick up right where you left off. We’ll sync your bookmarks, notes, and highlights, so you can keep reading across all your devices.

• Experience the rich, colorful environment of the world's best magazines.* Our exclusive Guided Reading feature lets you breeze through articles for an uninterrupted read. You can seamlessly navigate through the article all with a simple tap.

• Customize your reading experience. Enjoy crisp, clear text in the size and style you prefer; try Night Mode for easier nighttime reading; and lock the screen in portrait or landscape mode to read how you like.

• Enjoy first chapter previews for thousands of select books.

• Make your reading a social experience with Reading Life™. You can track how long it takes to read a book, earn fun and surprising awards, and much more.

• Add books to your Library from email, the web, or your Dropbox account. You can even read books from your local public library.

• Share ideas with Kobo Pulse™. Find out who in the Kobo Community is reading what you are and discuss what you've read with them.

• Post your activities to Facebook. See what your friends are reading and share quotes, notes, and book reviews to friends.

• Read in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, or Japanese.

* Magazines available in US, Canada, UK, Italy and France.

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